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Assembled separator units for fireplaces


Assembled skid packages for addition to the heating system by fireplaces, boilers, wood stoves, pellet stoves, etc.
Equipped with brazed plate heat exchanger Mod. BV26, single-phase circulation pumps with stainless steel impeller, thermometers, shut-off valves and check valves.
Extremely compact and easy to install.
Available in version with 1 circulation pump (SEP1) or two circulation pumps (SEP2) and 25 and 35 kW brazed plate heat exchanger.
Model Power Primary Secondary
Temperature Flow rate Head
Temperature Flow rate Head
Inlet Outlet Inlet Outlet
kW °C °C m³/h kPa °C °C m³/h kPa
SEP25 25 75 60 1,5 28 50 65 1,5 28
SEP35 35 75 60 2 25 50 65 2 25
Operating diagram Hydraulic connections
2Heating system

Operating diagram purely by way of example.
Fundamental components of the system, such as safety valves, expansion vessels, intercept valves, etc. are not present.
AHeating delivery
BHeating return
CFireplace inlet
DFireplace outlet
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