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Fully assembled pumpstations for chilled water

The Polaris units are hydraulic units with inertial storage, designed for accelerating and improving set-up of the conditioning and chilling systems. Compatible with all types of water chillers. The storage tank included in the hydronic KIT enables an increase in the quantity of fluid in the hydraulic circuit, with the consequent optimisation of the compressor operations and its working life, thus reducing the number of start-ups.

1 Externally insulated inertial storage tank
2 Expansion vessel
3 Circulation pump/s - Pump/s
4 Electrical panel
5 6 bar safety valve
6 Automatic air bleeder valve
7 Shut-off valve
8 Drain cock
9 Filter
10 Tank insulation
11 Check valves
12 Filler group
13 Container cabinet in painted galvanised sheet metal (RAL9002)
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