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ErP Directive
Directive 2009/125/CE, also known as ErP (Energy related Products → Products connected to energy consumption), provides at European level the requirements to optimise the environmental performances both of energy-using products, such as household appliances, electronic devices, etc., and energy-related products, i.e. those products that, even if not using energy directly, have an impact on its consumption and may thus contribute to significant energy savings during use.

Main aim of this Directive is to improve the design of energy-related products by establishing the minimum efficiency performances to reduce environmental impacts and to achieve energy savings for business and end-users.

With the entry into force of the two Regulations UE 812/2013 Ecolabel and UE 814/2013 Ecodesign the ErP Directive application range was extended including water-using products, such as bathroom devices, water heaters and hot water storage tanks.

Starting from September 26th 2017 compliance to the requirements of the ErP is compulsory for all energy-related products imported, marketed or sold within the member States of the European Union.

Consequently, since September 26th 2017, all hot water tanks up to 2000 litres have been redesigned in compliance with the ecodesign requirements so as to reduce heat loss and not exceed energy class C which is the maximum allowed It is required to assess the heating loss of all hot water storage tanks up to 2000 litres to get the relevant energy class on a scale from A+ to C.
The whole range of Pacetti tanks and calorifiers

already complies with this new Directive,

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