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Brazed plate heat exchangers

These are built from a stainless steel plates pack with no gaskets and welded together by copper brazing in a vacuum furnace.
The plates can have two different corrugations:
  • "H" - High efficiency, high pressure drop
  • "L" – Low efficiency, low pressure drop
The selection of the most suitable model and corrugation for the requested application is made by our technical staff using a calculating software.
Among the advantages of the brazed plate heat exchangers are the following:
  • High pressures and temperatures
  • Small dimensions
  • Low price
All our brazed plate heat exchangers are 1-pass and operate in parallel flow. They can be used both for heating and chilling, using any kind of water also with glycol.
For the verification of compatibility with other fluids contact our technical office.

Characteristics Standard Optional
Plates Stainless steel  
Fittings (x4) Stainless steel, threaded type Other types on request
Brazing 99.9% Copper  
Accessories   - External removable insulation, in non-flammable and anti-diffusion expanded polyurethane, available with or without external finishing in coloured polystyrene.
- Wall mounting brackets in painted steel
Primary Secondary
Inlet Outlet Inlet Outlet
P1 P4 S3 S2
  Heat exchanger model
Characteristics BV15 BV26 BV50 BV95
Max. operating pressure 10 bar 30 bar 30 bar 30 bar
Min. operating temperature -10°C -160°C -160°C -160°C
Max. operating temperature +90°C +200°C +200°C +200°C
Plates material Stainless steel 304 Stainless steel 316L Stainless steel 316L Stainless steel 316L
H mm 190 310 525 616
L mm 80 111 111 191
A mm 9 + (np* x 2,3) 9 + (np* x 2,4) 9 + (np* x 2,4) 9 + (np* x 2,8)
E mm 20 20 20 20
O mm 40 50 50 92
V mm 154 250 466 519
P1-P4-S2-S3 Ø 3/4" 1" 1" 2"
*np=number of plates
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