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Storage calorifiers with 1 removable spiral finned copper coil for DHW production
Storage calorifiers with single coil suitable for civil and industrial installations for production of domestic hot water by heating froma a conventional or renewable heat source which passes through the removable spiral finned copper coil present inside the storage calorifier.
Tank material Carbon steel sheet
Internal coating CERAMFLON enamel
External coating Anti-rust painting
Tank specifications Standard Optional
Capacity 200 ÷ 2000 litres  
Version Vertical Horizontal
Vertical low
Customised dimensions
Heat insulation Rigid PU or PLFH --> Class C - ErP  
Accessories Electronic anode
Immersion electric heaters
Max. operating temperature 95°C
Max. operating pressure 6 ÷ 10 bar
Internal heat exchanger specifications
Spiral-finned type heat exchanger no. 1 copper  
Max. operating temperature 99°C
Max. operating pressure 12 bar

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